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SAMATA Resource Center (SRC)

SAMATA foundation has established a resource center, a library consisting of over 1500collection of  books, monographs, historically important documents and articles. Collection of other books and material is in progress.  It is expected that this Resource Center based on Dalit related topics will help researchers, activists and students to do further study in the Dalit issues. Individuals with interest in Dalit literature can visit SAMATA Resource Center in working days.

About SAMATA Resource Center and Guideline

The SAMATA foundation is equipped with Resource Center which was established in 2011. SAMATA Resource Center has a wide range of literatures on Dalit and Social Inclusion issues. In addition, it also has a collection of books on caste-based-discrimination published both in Nepal and South Asian Regions. The books are available in languages such as Nepali, English and Hindi. The Resource Center aims at providing reference services to researchers, scholars, academicians, students, media persons, activists and other interested individuals. It has been gradually taking momentum to be a Dalit Knowledge Bank.

The SAMATA Resource Center provides membership to its users with nominal fees. The membership categories are ordinary, student and temporary. To become a member of the Resource Center, one needs to fill out the application firm. The Resource Center has taken strategy of not lending the books at home to its users. Officials at Resource Center will help its members to receive the books from shelves.

The Resource Center is a member of various online journals. Members can access these journals at free of cost. The reading room is equipped with computers to provide users with access to in-house and online resources. Moreover, the Resource center has access to multimedia kits for example, films, documentaries, videos etc.

The SAMATA foundation has been purchasing books with financial assistance from various funding partners. It also receives the books from individual donors. Thus, the Resource Center humbly requests interested individuals to donate the books, journals, thesis/dissertations and other relevant documents on Dalit and Social Inclusion to enrich its services.

Resource Center time schedule: 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. (Monday to Friday), and will be  closed on public holidays.

Terms and Conditions of the Resource Center

  1. SAMATA Resource Center provides reference services only.
  2. All personal belongings, e.g., bags, briefcases, books, etc, should be deposited in the Deposit Rack of the Resource Center.
  3. Junk foods are not allowed in the Resource Center.
  4. All visitors and members shall register their detail information while entering the Resource Center.
  5. Members who damage borrowed book or deface it in any way will be required to replace it at their own expense or (if a replacement is not available in the local market) pay 4 times the cost of the book.
  6. SAMATA Resource Center is smoke and noise-free zone.
  7. Cell phone shall be put into silence mode while using Resource Center.
  8. The Library shall provide photocopy services at the rate of NPR 2 per print upon the request of the members.

Note: SAMATA staff will get lending facilities of two books for the period of 15 days. One will get more books on need base. 


  1. Annual membership fee is NPR 500 for a General Member and NPR 300 for a Student Member. Temporary membership fee for a period of one month is NPR 100.
  2. If any temporary member wants to become a regular member before the end of the month, an annual fee of NPR 400 for general members and NPR 200 for students shall be charged.
  3. Anyone, who donates their University Thesis and Dissertation to the SAMATA Resource Center, shall receive 50% discount on membership charge, after acquisition of such document from the Resource Center.
  4. Institutional membership shall be NPR 2,000 per year.
  5. Members who have not renewed their membership shall not be allowed to use the resources at the Resource Center.
  6. Members shall require producing their membership cards while using the Resource Center.
  7. The membership card is not transferable.

Note: SAMATA staff will get lending facilities of two books for the period of 15 days. One will get more books on need base.