Nepal Covid-19 Update

16,801 Total Cases
38 Death Cases
8,589 Recovered

Worldwide Covid-19 Update

13,021,910 Total Cases
570,993 Death Cases
7,572,938 Recovered

The book Satta-Bimarsha ra Dalit, Ambedkar: drishtikon ra bibechana (Discourse on State and Dalit: Ambedkar's perspective and Analysis) dissects the caste system and Dalit emancipation, centring on Ambedkar's ideas and behaviours.  This book consists of four chapters written by various writers and includes Sukhadeo Thorat's paper, "caste discrimination and necessary constitutional provision and policies against...

The book 'Dom Samudhayako Pahichan Badlidho Jivanshaili' is a poignant historical account of Dom Community, reflecting on and acknowledging the role of Dom community in history. The book, as the title suggests, explores the various socio-cultural, economic, educational, health as well as political dimensions of Dom community and illustrates the change through comparison with the...