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Designing Affirmative Action for Nepal: A Tour of Choices and Problems

“Designing Affirmative Action for Nepal: A Tour of Choices and Problems” is a printed version of presentation by Professor Galanter, an expert on affirmative action, delivered on 22 and 23 September, 2011. The presentation aimed at providing a point of departure for political leaders, activists, scholars, civil society members and students to discuss, debate and determine the appropriate modality of affirmative action for the Dalits in Nepal. Professor Galanter’s presentation provides an opportunity to re-examine accumulated knowledge and insights on South Asian history and the theory of affirmative action to find solutions for Nepal. Professor Galanter presented three sorts of justification for affirmative action-the non-discrimination, the general welfare, and the reparations themes, and highlighted upon a range of pragmatic questions that have to be raised while designing affirmative action programs. He has rightly mentioned that the constitution-making process is our own and that it is context-driven since Affirmative action programs tend to touch very sensitive issues about the deep structures of identity and society. The Nepali translation “Nepalko laagi sakaratmak bibhed niti”, a compilation of 4 lecture series is also available for the ease of Nepali readers.

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