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Affirmative Action and Private Sector

This is the written version of  two-day lecture session on “Affirmative Action and Private Sector”, delivered by Prof. Ashwini Deshpande  on  13 and 14 September, 2013. The lecture assesses the need of affirmative action in the private sectors because of the fact that private sector is more effectual than government sector in creating opportunities for the citizens. The lecture illustrates the discrimination prevalent in job market such as job discrimination, wage discrimination and analyzes the forms of discrimination seen during the recruitment and selection processes in private sectors. The lecture helps to understand various types of pre-market discrimination which hinder the capabilities of Dalits to compete and secure prominent positions in private sectors. The lecture additionally exhibits how provision of quotas should be seen as the beginning of Affirmative Action, not its end, how strict monitoring of outcomes with penalties for non-compliance is essential. The lecture also pragmatically shows critical questions hardly considered by the government -how many seats get filled, what might be the problem for unfulfilled seats, etc. Further, she stresses that just providing entry into jobs or educational institutions is not sufficient and prescribes supplementary measures too. The Nepali translation “Nepalko laagi sakaratmak bibhed niti”, a compilation of 4 lecture series is also available for the ease of Nepali readers.

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